Purple Rain Braided Reins

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Beautiful braided reins featuring purple cord.

- High quality 8ft braided reins made by Whinney Wear. Reins are adjustable to customize the length to your preference.

- Hand braided reins in cord resistant to rot, mildew and fading.

- These reins come with 2 conways for easy adjusting. 

-Features two scissor clips for easy on and off. Don't like scissor clips? don't worry because they can be removed to be used without them.

- Reins measure 8ft long and include 4 knots for hand placement. Easy to wash, just throw in washing machine and let air dry

 *The selection of reins will vary as quantity of the patterns are limited and variety will change over time. There is a chance that once a pattern is sold out, it may not come back into stock. *