Apollo's Heavy Lifters Club - Lightweight Hoodie

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You took your creatine and now your pre-workout is kicking in, are you missing something? This hoodie! 

The Apollo's Heavy Lifters Club design is inspired by a few people in my life that are not only kick-ass farm strong, but are also die hard gym rats. They inspire me every day and this was made specifically for them and those who are diligent and consistent like them. Join our kick-ass club of heavy lifters and embrace the Apollo horse power!

This lightweight hoodie is more lightweight than our classic hoodie (hence the title) but it's not thin! This hoodie still keeps you warm and is an ideal sweater to wear while you are active and moving. This hoodie keeps you the perfect temperature, keeping you from overheating or becoming chilly. A great hoodie while at the gym or doing other physical activities.

  • Classic Unisex Fit
  • 60% Cotton; 40% Polyester 
  • Medium fabric
  • Two-ply hood
  • Front media pocket inside front pocket.
  • Runs true to size